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The Truth About Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

earth-661447_1920How many times in your life you realised that the doctors do not have all the answers? How much time shall pass until you get the responsability for your own health into your own hands?

One of the basic tenets of holistic gastro-enterology is that all inflammatory bowel conditions are manmade. They are not caused by poor diets – germs – stress or genetics. They are not some mysterious syndrome or auto-immune disease. All inflammatory bowel conditions are manmade injuries to the GI tract tissue. This starts with a compromised mucosal lining that is caused by the ingestion of manmade synthetic antibiotics that come in various forms such as our environment and foods as well prescription medications. When the mucosal lining is breached by these medications, it allows our digestive acids to leak through and erode the intestinal wall. This creates holes in the tissue and brings about inflammation.

The GI tissue is made of skin, fat and muscle and when these holes are left without the proper treatment, we have the recipe for IBS – colitis – UC and crohn’s. The only difference between any of these conditions is the of the amount of damage to the tissue. The bigger the hole the more severe the symptoms. The symptoms run from diarrhea to blood and mucus in the stool.

None of these conditions go away on their own. Remission is a myth– kind of like fool’s gold. Even when you are using medications such as steroids that appear to be helping the erosion of tissue continues.

What your doctor doesn’t know is that this tissue can be completely rebuilt no matter how much damage has been done. To do this we must use the natural – organic raw materials that the colon is made of. Your colon is not made of drugs. This is similar to taking calcium to help heal a broken bone.

Once this is accomplished, there will be no need for medications – nutritional supplements or dietary and lifestyle restrictions.

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