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Inflammatory Bowel Disease and the Healing Process


This is a quick summary of the things I need to consider when assessing and treating all IBD’s. This is the 1st step in my method of assessment and treatment. See where you fit on.

IBS-Diarrhea: Loose stools sometimes accompanied by urgency. This is caused by inflammation of the bowel and is the body’s response to protect you by releasing water into the bowel to dilute your stomach acids and to move the matter out quickly. (Thank god for diarrhea—it is protecting you)

IBS-Constipation: This is actually 2 conditions in one. This is often accompanied by diarrhea. We call this swinging back and forth. Constipation itself is not an IBD. It is genetic with no cure but is perfectly managed with nutritional supplements. This can be confusing to treat 2 opposite conditions at the same time.

Colitis: This is more extreme version of IBS with almost 24/7 urgent diarrhea and a high risk of “accidents.”

Ulcerative Colitis: This is an even more extreme case of IBS only now there is blood in the stool.

Crohn’s Disease: This is not a disease at all. It is just a more advanced version of all of the above with the same symptoms and the addition of mucus in the stool.

All of these can be accompanied by pain-bloating and excess gas.

What they all have in common is that they are manmade and are all the same condition only separated by the amount of damage to the tissue much like 1st-2nd-3rd degree burns. The amount of damage is commensurate to the length of time you go without the proper care. The tissue keeps degenerating until you do something-the right thing about it.

The protocol for each is the same. The only thing to consider is how much damage there is to the tissue. The more damage there is-the more natural ‘raw materials’ are needed to fix it. These raw materials are things like amino and fatty acids – minerals and herbs. These are what a colon is made of—-not drugs like prednisone.

These conditions can all be healed. They are just like a gash or a cut on your finger. Given the right nutrients in a concentrated form and skillfully managed they will heal.

I hope this gives you enough info to begin to understand what is going on with your body and to perhaps think there just may be hope.

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