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Great Insights About Inflammatory Bowel Conditions-Fiber And Other Things


This is email that I received from one of my patients in Hawaii. They are always spot on. There is a lot of of good stuff here with some great insights and I always look forward to hearing from them.

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Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2012 12:56 PM
Subject: Hola


Hi Dr. Snow,

I just wanted to let you know that I am once again finally on the mend. I continually read your blog and I find it very helpful. I came to the conclusion that I must have had some sort of parasite that was wreaking havoc on my system. I am sooo done with the traditional medical establishment and I don’t trust them unless it’s an absolute emergency (trauma care, mending broken bones, that sort of thing). They’re poisoning and killing people.
The reason why I came to the conclusion that I had some sort of parasitic issue is b/c for the last 3 years, every year like clockwork at the exact same time of the year, sometimes to the day I would have a flare in the fall and then things would subside or return to normal in the spring and after doing your protocols. I know that there are a lot of things that have the same symptoms as UC. I also thought it extremely unusual to get sick every year around the same time year after year to the day. To me it was like something was coming to life within me and wreaking havoc on my body. I seriously attribute this to all the immune system killing, toxic drugs doctors prescribe for UC that are supposed to help you,but are really causing major harm and allowing bad things to set up shop b/c these meds seriously impair you.
I started having a flare as you know (as in our last email communication you said I should be invulnerable and if I did not start to get better then you and I would need to talk.  That was back in August). Anyway, it got to the point where I was almost literally in the loo all day.
Anyway, I restarted your protocol but was not having any relief so I did a parasite cleanse and that almost immediately calmed things down. I did this for 57 days.  I also read your blogs where you said some people might have lots of things growing in them and setting up shop in their GI tract and that people maybe need to kill everything and start over. Well this is basically what I did, except I still did your protocol about 2 to 3 hours after I had did the parasite cleanse so that I didn’t fall completely over a cliff (sort of like taking probiotics if you take antibiotics). I took colloidal silver and then I did clove, black walnut hull and wormwood.

This all helped tremendously, but let me tell you that I was happy to be done with the parasite cleanse. It can be kind of brutal at first. I am now on day 21 of just your protocol, without the parasitic herbals, and things have gotten tremendously better. However keep in mind I’ve been doing your program (taking the supplements) once again since July 23rd.
I want you to know that I am now having great success and am truly on the mend and I thank your so much for all of your information and your help. I just found it strange that I would continue to get ill after having such great success, but when I think about it, it was not that strange considering I had taken courses of prednisone and asacol, both meds that destroy your immune system and your body’s ability to fight things that it would normally fight like parasites, except in a healthy person the body is able to keep things in check. 
*I have to jump in here with a comment on this excellent point. ‘They’ have it backwards. How is someone going to heal if you are suppressing the very thing that is trying to heal it. This then fulfills their ‘prophecy’ that there is no cure for inflammatory bowel disease. Of course this is why they never see the success stories.
I also want you to know that I embarked on your protocol without taking any of the medical establishments toxic drugs. I refused to do so. They did nothing for me but make matters worse. I need my immune system. I am so proud of myself and I know that your program works.  It worked for me before and it’s working for me again, except this time I never took their toxic meds when things began to go south. I know that you usually recommend staying on the meds for 30 days, but I just was not comfortable doing so. I preferred to cope with the symptoms and things did eventually get better.  So I am very proud of myself.
I do have a question for you however, I follow your temporary diet plan to the tee, and it’s a no fiber plan for now, but on your blog today I read that you recommended psyllium fiber for diarrhea relief. I’ve had this work for me in the past before I started working with you, but doesn’t this go against your previous recommendations to stay away from fiber in the interim?
*A great question. Dietary fiber–raw fruit-vegs–nuts-seeds -corn are ‘unpredictable’ meaning they come in different size and shapes and when you are vulnerable with conditions like IBS-Colitis or Crohn’s they invariably will irritate the tissue causing flair ups. On the other hand many people at certain stages of their recovery need fiber to regenerate their peristaltic motion. This is the bowel rhythm-mechanics and also fiber can soak up extra fluids that keep the stool too loose. A fiber supplement that is properly ground into the ideal size will give you this benefit with out rocking the boat. Once the muscles are strengthened and a rhythm is established and of course the bowel tissue is healed fiber derived from food with keep it going. At that point you will have no dietary restrictions.
*BTW—2 notes on fiber. 1. When you ingest fiber the probiotics digest it and convert it into butyric acid which fortifies the mucosal lining making it stronger and less vulnerable to antibiotics. 2. The colon has 8 separate groups of muscles and each one has it’s favorite kind of fiber. The processed foods cannot provide them. That is why the best fiber supplements have a blend of fibers-to address the needs of each muscle group. Remember the adage of eating a healthy diet with a wide variety of fruits-vegs and grains? But there is one hitch—-if you do that with an inflammatory bowel condition it will tear you up. Get your bowel patched up 1st then get back to what is natural.
I also eat a very healthy diet to begin with so it’s not hard for me to follow your protocols. I eat as organically, grass-fed, pasture raised as possible. I don’t want added doses of hormones or antibiotics if I can help it.  If it’s not pasture raised, grass-fed and organic I will not buy it or eat it. I cannot afford to take the chance with the ever increasing onslaught of antibiotics in everything. However I am in total agreement with you that it’s not the food per se that is the problem, it is the lack of hardware (good bacteria, mucosal lining, etc.) I just want to do the things that are best for me and my health.
I have filters on my showers and water that filter out the chlorine, fluoride and ammonia that they add to the water and since doing these things  I no longer have the terrible itching after showering that I was experiencing and I’m no longer getting assaulted by chlorine, further depleting mygood bacteria.   
Just wanted to check in and say hello and give you a quick update on things. If you can answer my question above regarding the fiber that would be great. I’m so glad that our paths crossed because you and all of your information has been life changing for me and I am once again on the mend.  I just hope that it’s permanent this time.
When done properly and you have made yourself invulnerable to even antibiotics it is permanent.


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  1. As someone who has reeasrched the internet for causes and cures for IBS for my father, I know what you mean. There’s very little specific help, very little self-help and I’ve not seen such a project to actually give IBS sufferers a guide to tracking their own causes and hopefully finding help in avoiding future discomfort. Good luck with IBS Circle.

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