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Inflammatory Bowel Confusion


There are a lot of questions concerning inflammatory bowel conditions. I don’t blame you if you are scared to death after leaving your doctor’s office. Lot’s of mumbo-jumbo. It is often true that if you go to 2-3 doctors that you will get 2-3 different opinions. It should not be sooooo complicated.

Modern medical science wants to fragment everything out. They can’t see the forest for the trees. There are not an infinite number of inflammatory bowel conditions. There is only one and the rest of what we think are different are just a variation of it. They are all IBS–irritable bowel syndrome. In every case the colon is irritated. There can be a little or a lot of irritation. We don’t have to give it different names. A small amount of irritation brings about small symptoms. Big creates big.  All of these are the same manmade conditions with just different amounts of damage to the bowel tissue. This is just like 1st-2nd-3rd degree burns.

It does not matter what part of the GI tract muscle is injured. It’s all the same. It’s one long muscle from your mouth to your rectum.  What counts are the symptoms- our ‘body language.’ We need to become fluent in body language. It is speaking to us telling us there is something wrong. It is screaming-diarrhea- gas- bloating- blood- mucus-help! All of these symptoms are just different ways for your GI tract to say ‘ouch.’
Don’t get hung up on whatever name they give you whether it’s colitis or crohn’s. Remember they are all the same. A big boo-boo or small boo-boo. It is the same muscle tissue-the same cause and the same cure. Listen to your body.


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