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IBS and Nausea


I am often asked if there is any connection between irritable bowel syndrome and nausea. The answer is yes. IBS happens in the bowel and nausea in the stomach. Odds are that if you have a problem with one you will have a problem with the other as the plumbing is all connected.

Nausea is your stomach’s way of saying that it is not prepared to receive food at that moment and if you persist it will throw it right back out at you. Diarrhea is what your bowel does if you keep pushing past the nausea and eating regularly even though you don’t feel like it. It’s saying to you that it is going to get you one way or another until you fix this. Irritable bowel syndrome and nausea will not just go away on their own. Failure to fix this is a guarantee that the symptoms will get bigger and more frequent and folks that is called colitis.

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