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Leaky Gut Syndrome

 boot-1158888_1920Leaky Gut Syndrome has been a buzz word for people who go online and become convinced that this is ‘what they have’ – what is causing their stomach problems.

Well–maybe. This term is really a catch phrase for a group of issues -causes -that do bring us to a common place—-holes in our gut.

The term Syndrome is kind of murky – nondescript & medically is mostly used to suggest that there may be more than one cause. Such as in IBS-irritable bowel syndrome. It gets medicine off the hook when pressed by patients who want to know exactly what is going on with their gut or bowel.

Ok—how do we get these leaks-holes in our gut? These are the 3 things that occur which are just manifestations of the real single cause.

  • H-pylori—-this is a bacteria that hangs out in the esophagus. Bacteria being a plant has roots that bore into the esophagus wall to anchor themselves. This in itself causes holes-leaks. In addition to this in an attempt to kill these ‘weeds’ the stomach deploys high amounts of acids to try to kill the bacteria and while doing so ‘eats’ the local tissue causing erosion—leaks.
  • Candida Yeast Overgrowth—-this is the same story as with the h-pylori—only it is a yeast.

BTW—both of these plants are indigent to our guts. They live there—they are supposed to be there. It is just that they became over populated. I will explain why below.

  • Acidic Erosion – our own stomach acids can eat holes right through our stomach wall which is called an ulcer.

How can this happen?  Does this happen randomly? What causes this?

There is a cause and it is the one that I keep harping on in many of my posts on this blog and facebook.

The real cause of Leaky Gut Syndrome is the systematic destruction of the ‘good’ bacterial mucosal lining that should be in place from our mouth all the way down to our rectum by the use of synthetic antibiotics that are not only prescribed by our doctor—for legitimate reasons-but are also in our antibacterial mouthwash products. Don’t think that by swishing and rinsing you are safe. Nope—this not only kills bad bacteria in your mouth—-in reality it kills the good too & the nature of this bacterial struggle is that this disruption creates an environment that allows the bad to supplant the good. Then these bad weeds spread—down the hatch creating settlements in your esophagus and stomach.

The Bottom Line is this:

The mucosal lining does 2 things.

  • It acts as a localized immune system killing the bad guys—h-pylori and candida yeast if they become overgrown.
  • It is a protective barrier against the acid while it is doing it’s job of eating the bad guys and also our food.

Without the mucosal lining you get what——–holes—leaks in your gut.



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