red phoneThis is one strange condition. It is hard to pin down if it is even legit. It is definitely not an inflammatory bowel condition such as IBS –  colitis or crohn’s.. It has a zillion symptoms attributed to it. It has the largest number of hits on google for any of the gastrointestinal problems. Apparently everyone is looking for it.

One of the most common side effects that leaky gut is blamed for is food allergies. This seems to be linked somehow to the issues of gluten and lactose intolerances. Somehow these are all supposed to be linked.

The most prominent concept is that one has large holes in their stomach and undigested food particles pass through and go directly into the blood stream and then the immune system freaks out thinking they are some type of pathogenic enemy and triggers all kinds of immune responses such as rashes-headaches and sneezing. These are just a few of the long list.

How did those holes supposedly get there? One theory is that there was a chronic yeast infection that spread all over the GI tract and with it’s roots burrowed holes in the stomach or small intestine.

If I were to give my 2 cents worth it would be this—through a prior use of antibiotics the mucosal lining that protects the stomach wall is destroyed leaving it exposed to our harsh digestive enzymes that eat holes in it.

Ultimately there are too many questions-contingencies and unknowns for me to be certain what exactly leaky gut is–or if it even is -but then again it must be—because everyone keeps telling me they have it. Maybe if there were more of it going around I would recognize it when I saw it.