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Why Do I Have Mucus In My Stool?

why-1432955_1280People who see mucus in their stool are always scared and confused.They can understand diarrhea but mucus? It might sound surprising to know that this is happening for a good reason. It is trying to protect you.

This occurs in more advanced cases of inflammatory bowel conditions such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s. In these conditions there is considerable damage to the intestinal wall as it is being assaulted by your digestive acids.
As the damage gets deeper and close to making contact with nerve and blood tissue it attempts to protect you by releasing mucus into the bowel to stick to the wall to protect it from the acids. Because this is only a stop-gap measure the mucus eventually slides out along with the stool.

Do not ignore this as it is a sign that you are losing control of the inflammation that is destroying your colon and are headed towards surgery.

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  1. Carol Intelisano Scranton Pa.

    This scares me because my doctor told my husband not to worry about it, that it was natural to have mucus in the stool. He even said occasional blood was ok, and that it may be from hemorrhoids after he told us there were none. These people are dangerous. Should I give him probiotics?

  2. Albert Snow

    Yes—-give him a good probioitic & have him take it with colostrum. If the bleeding & mucus does not completely stop in apprx 60 days I would strongly advise that you schedule an appt for him with me as we cannot let that go on as it could become too late to save his colon.

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