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Colitis: Answering your Questions

Colitis-Questions-AnswersColitis – Your Questions Answered

Colitis is an important health problem that causes the lining of the large intestine to be inflamed and swollen.

The initial cause of colitis is our exposure to synthetic antibiotics, which our environment is filled up with.

Q: What is Colitis?

A: It is a manmade disorder that causes inflammation of the colon, which is the largest section of the large intestine. Colitis is the erosion and chronic inflammation of the intestinal wall by our digestive acids.

Q: What causes Colitis?

A: This condition is caused by the consumption of artificial synthetic antibiotics. They are delivered to our colon either via oral or topical prescriptions or with the consumption of food and water. The consumption of artificial synthetic antibiotics kills off the mucosal lining that blocks digestive acids from eating holes in our intestinal wall.

Q: What are the symptoms of Colitis?

A: Colitis symptoms may include pain – bloating – persistent and urgent diarrhea.

Q: What is Ulcerative Colitis?

A: Ulcerative Colitis is a more serious version of colitis with more severe symptoms. Its symptoms may be 24-hour diarrhea with the presence of mucus and blood in the stool. Ulcerative Colitis is one step before Crohn’s disease.

Q: How is it diagnosed?

A: There is no accurate conventional medical method available in order to diagnose colitis or any of the other inflammatory bowel conditions such as IBS or Crohn’s disease. The best way to diagnose colitis is by its symptoms.

Q: Is there a treatment? Also, is there a natural treatment for Colitis?

A: The appropriate holistic treatment for colitis is to replace the mucosal lining in order to protect the intestinal tissue from the digestive acids and at the same time rebuild the eroded tissue by the use of the organic raw materials that the intestines/colon is made of.

Q: Is surgery necessary?

A: Surgery is not necessary if you receive the appropriate holistic gastroenterology treatment. Deprived of the appropriate colitis treatment there is a possibility that you may need surgery in the future.

Q: Is there a diet suitable for Colitis?

A: The answer is yes and no. The only dietary limit is to temporarily eat a low fiber diet. That means no consumption of raw fruit and vegetables, nuts, seeds or corn. It is not a good idea to drag roughage over already irritated tissue, as it is going to make the symptoms even worse. There are no other dietary restrictions for colitis.

Q: Does it ever go into remission on it’s own?

A: No- without the appropriate treatment it will worsen. The final step is that it will ‘evolve’ into a more serious condition such as Crohn’s Disease. These are not separate-different conditions. One is just a more extreme version of the other.

If your current treatment for colitis is not successful, I hope that these replies to usual colitis questions are going to motivate you to look for some alternative holistic treatment. A natural cure may save your colon.

Don’t Ignore the 5 Main Symptoms of Colitis

Natural Treatment For ColitisThe symptoms of colitis are no fun. They may include severe pain in the stomach and diarrhea. Colitis is an important health problem that causes the lining of the large intestine to be inflamed and swollen.

The initial cause of colitis is our exposure to synthetic antibiotics, which our environment is filled up with. We are exposed to these through prescription oral or topical antibiotics, from consumption of food and water and also from the use of antibacterial home cleaning products. Antibiotics destroy the mucosal lining of the intestines. The health of our colon declines dramatically without this lining. It protects the tissue in our gastrointestinal tract.

When it is damaged our body’s digestive enzymes start eating and irritating the bowel lining. This is what inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS and Crohn’s disease are and how we get them. They are not diseases!

These are the five most common symptoms of colitis.

1. Diarrhea

This can vary from mild and occasional to frequent with unpredictable urgency. It is often triggered by the consumption of food. Some people have a disorder known as IBS-C, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome with constipation. This disorder is found more frequently in people genetically pre-disposed to constipation. Constipation is caused by the body failing to properly hydrate the stool. This is not caused by something that you are doing wrong. It is simply who you are and you can perfectly manage it. But you cannot not cure it the way you can with diarrhea.

2. Stomach and intestinal pain

Though sometimes this may be related to a stomach bug or even to food poisoning- if it is persistent it may be due to colitis.

3. Bloody stools

That is a significant symptom that indicates that you have ulcerative colitis.

4. Mucus in stool

That is a significant symptom that indicates that you have ulcerative colitis & possibly Crohn’s.

Although it is not a physical symptom, this last symptom may be the most paralyzing side effect of colitis and any inflammatory bowel condition.

5. Paranoia

This is met in some people who are too afraid to live their life normally. To leave home to go out to eat, to attend social events, go to a movie or go the mall. They have lived with this problem for so long that they have become shut-ins. Paranoia is usually found in those suffering from more than simply IBS. Numerous have had ‘accidents’ and even though they are cured find it difficult to leave the safety of their home for more than a short period of time.

The conclusion is that you don’t have to allow this pain- physical and psychological steal your life any more. Drugs are not the answer, you have already tried that. Seek out alternatives. Conduct some research and ask questions. And most of all don’t ignore these five main symptoms of colitis.

Natural Treatment For Colitis

natural-cure-for-colitisThere is one question: ‘Are there any efficient cures for colitis?’ The answer to this question is ‘yes there is one – it’s a natural treatment for Colitis and it’s the same as the one for IBS and Crohn’s disease.’

Any other inflammatory bowel condition cure is not going to work because it is going to be built on the wrong premise. If it is not understood that these are all the same condition with the same cause and the same cure it is doomed for failure.

What is the alternative? Synthetic drugs that cover up the symptoms of colitis is not a cure. You would be surprised to know how many people think this is the cure. Once I was told ‘I don’t have a bowel problem, I take prednisone!’

The only real and effective cure for colitis is a natural treatment. This is to rebuild the colon by the use of the organic raw materials that the colon is made of. And for sure, colons are not made of chemicals.

Diet for Colitis (Natural Treatment For Colitis)

A question that every client asks me is ‘what do I have to eat?’ I realize the confusion as people certainly assume that there must be a particular diet for each different inflammatory bowel disorder. The reason for this misunderstanding is that we have all been given the wrong information.

We have been told that these are all individual and particularly different disorders, which are diseases, thus they require different treatments. They are not different and they do not require different treatments.

We have been told that poor diet is the cause of inflammtory bowel conditions or that a pure-organic diet is the cure. Neither is true. The truth is that diet has nothing to do with IBD of any kind.

Essentially all of these conditions are just different versions of IBS. One may have the symptoms of diarrhea – while another has blood in the stool or another one has mucus in the stool. They seem to be different but they are actually not. The only ‘difference’ is the length of time one has had an irritated bowel. The more time – the worse the symptoms and finally the scarier the name we give it.

Consequently there is no need for special diets. The proper inflammatory bowel condition ‘diet’ is to temporarily eat a low fiber diet. When you are healed you can eat again whatever you want.

There is no need to get freaked out over food. Ignore all the theories. It does not have to do with dairy – wheat – sugar – vegetarian – macrobiotic – nightshade food combining-whatever. You will not be able to heal any inflammatory bowel condition with any kind of diet.

Actually you cannot even create one. Food is vastly overrated when it comes to inflammatory bowel conditions.

The only dietary target you should have is to not irritate your colon. It is already irritated. Now it is time to get it healed with the appropriate holistic treatment. To do this there are just three food rules.

  1. Eat low fiber foods. This way you will not irritate the already inflamed intestinal tissue.
  2. In Case any food bothers you when you eat it stop it for now. You will continue eating whatever you want later.
  3. Do yourself a great favor- ignore everything else!

Foods To Avoid If You Have IBS or Colitis (Natural Treatment For Colitis)

Many times I have stated that food has nothing to do with stomach problems including acid reflux or inflammatory bowel. That is true regarding the causes of these conditions. It is not possible for you to eat your way into or out of these conditions.

The nature of these disorders is that there is damage to the tissue. The esophagus-stomach or bowel wall becomes inflamed. There are no foods that can cause that. Neither there are foods that can heal it.

However you can manage food in a way that will decrease the discomfort. Some foods can worsen the problem—trigger an increase in symptoms. The core symptom that may be exacerbated by eating the wrong foods while combating IBS-colitis & Crohn’s disease is diarrhea.

These are foods that have high amounts of fiber and here is the reason they are a problem. Since the GI tissue is already inflamed it must not have roughage-fibrous food dragged accross it.

Why diarrhea? When we are on high fiber diets and it is further irritating the tissue 2 things occur-the bowel muscles go into a spasm that trigger powerful contractions that bring about severe urgency & even projectile diarrhea.

The body when identifying the irritation goes into a preservation state and dumps a lot of water into the bowel to dilute the fiber and flush it out so the ‘scraping’ of the fiber over the tissue will minimalized on its way through & out of the bowel.

By just not eating these high fiber foods you can decrease your symptoms for these conditions by 50%.

Do not consume:

  • Raw vegetables
  • Raw Fruit (except for soft fruits such as bananas & melons).
  • Nuts—-nut oils and butters are ok.
  • Seeds–this not only refers to sunflower and sesame seeds but also to fruits with seeds such as strawberries & raspberries.
  • Corn—-considered the worst of them all. Not only cooked corn but also in form of popcorn & corn chips. People often question whether corn products that might be an ingredient in some food such as a muffin—-corn meal or corn syrup.

These ingredients along with secondary sources of fiber–things like whole grains—-brown rice for instance-together with the soft fruits I mentioned are ok. Remember that it is the rough factor–things such as eating an apple or a raw salad or corn on the cob——–that although healthy, they contain a lot of fiber that can further irritate your bowel.

When the fiber is cooked it softens it making it benign. Corn is the only exception. Even when cooked is still too rough.

So keeping it on context—these foods cannot cause an inflammatory bowel disorder and by avoiding them one cannot cure the problem. By avoiding them until you are healed will save you & your colon a lot of aggravation.

Just a final note as to what to eat & to not eat—–raw avocados are most suitable for all gastrointestinal troubles. One beneficial nutritional factor in them is the avocado oil. I must admit that I had to search if they are a fruit or vegetable. They are a fruit so eat them up.

You don’t have to tolerate Colitis! There is a natural treatment for Colitis

You don’t have to tolerate colitis symptoms like chronic and urgent diarrhea. You don’t have to live with the fear of it’s flare-ups. There is a cure for colitis.

Colitis is not an illness. It is a manmade “condition.”

It is caused by the consumption and ingestion of certain common drugs- that are not only prescribed- but are now widespread in our food supply. Our environment is harming us- causing among other things- an epidemic of gastro-intestinal complications that were unknown prior to world war 2. It seems now that everyone has some kind of GI-bowel -stomach- esophagus problem. Are you popping Tums and Imodium? Don’t believe there is a colitis cure.

There is a natural therapy for colitis but there is no conventional cure – but then again you already know that- don’t you. I have had a friendly challenge for 30 years trying to find even one single person who has been cured of any inflammatory bowel disease- IBS- Colitis-Ulcerative Colitis-Leaky Gut- Crohn’s(not a disease) Diverticulitis- Dysbiosis- Gastroenteritis– by modern conventional medicine. They simply don’t exist. Sure you know people who are sticking on to the “Colitis Diet”- they say- “I am fine- as long as I don’t have nuts- seeds- corn- raw fruit- vegs- don’t eat dairy -wheat.”- wow- they are doing great, don’t you think? I meet people every day who are cured of the above conditions.

BTW- when I say cured- I mean the old fashion meaning- no symptoms- no dietary or lifestyle limitations- no troubles- they just continue to live their life normally. It happens everyday. It is the natural cure for Colitis.

Holistic Colitis Treatment

Most who come to me for help are in a flare up where most of their symptoms are at a maximum or they have been tolerating chronic symptoms but are not in a crisis mode. With regards to colitis these typical symptoms are- very frequent and urgent diarrhea. Finding themselves having blood or mucus in the stool, is a sign that they have advanced into ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease which is unavoidable without the proper treatment. You may be amazed by what I suggest for colitis treatment when you are suffering from these symptoms on a daily basis.

If these symptoms make you uncomfortable and are interfering with your social and professional life I suggest you use these conventional medicines for a short duration to give you some relief until you receive the proper care.

These are a few examples of the medications prescribed by medical doctors and if used temporarily & appropriately can contribute to your recovery by giving some relief from symptoms—–while you are getting the proper treatment that will cure you.

1. Imodium

This is an OTC medicine and you may take this in a daily basis to manage your diarrhea. There are not any serious side effects to worry about when taking this.

2. Steroids such as Prednisone

They work well to cope with the symptoms but have certain symptoms if used for a long time.

3. Asacol-Mesalamine

This is not a steroid and does not have as serious side effects as steroids.

4. Pentassa

Pentassa is also not a steroid and does not have serious implications when used short term.

Why do I tolerate the use of these medications in your treatment IBD? This is because using them for a short-term can relief from your symptoms allowing you to live a more normal life without any counter effects while preparing for the effective proper treatment through holistic gastroenterology which can eventually cure the problem.

You may continue to have the prescription meds while taking the nutritional supplements as there are no contraindications. I like to use these meds as a bridge to a final cure. Then after the necessary amount of time we evaluate the reduction of the meds while still using the supplements and as we see less or no symptoms we eventually minimize them until we are able to sustain perfect normal function without the medication. We then repeat the same reduction with the nutritional supplements and eventually you will be able to live free from symptoms, nutritional supplements and medications.

How to Cure Colitis?

Colitis has become a very common syndrome these days, especially in people in the age group 25-30. It is a type of inflammatory bowel condition, which is associated with inflammation and ache of the colon or the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. If left improperly treated Colitis can advance into more severe conditions like Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s disease.

Colitis was first noticed in the 50s and ever since the conventional medical community is still not able to figure out the causes behind Colitis and has been recommending treatments including prescribed medication and surgeries based on mere assumptions. So is it impossible to treat Colitis? No, it’s possible if it is treated the proper way with the right mix of natural-holistic medication. Read on to know how.

The cure to Colitis is very simple. It involves the use of specialized nutritional supplements that contain the exact nutrients that the colon is made of. You don’t need any immune suppressant medicines nor need any surgery. All it takes is a period of 3-4 months of this & a low fiberdiet, which should omit high fiber foods, (as raw vegetables, raw fruits and nuts). In order to understand this, you should know how Colitis is caused in the first place.

Colitis as we know it, is a condition where the intestinal inner walls are damaged, leading to persistent diarrhea, nausea and if left untreated, traces of blood and mucus in the stool. This harm is caused by synthetic antibiotics, which are present in the many drugs we take and the products we consume on a daily basis like toothpaste and the use of antibacterial soaps. These antibiotics not only kill the harmful bacteria but also the beneficial ones which protect the mucosal lining of our intestinal inner walls.

Owing to this, the mucosal lining is compromised causing the seepage of strong digestive acids released during digestion onto the delicate walls of intestine and stomach. Upon frequent exposure, the walls are damaged leading to inflammation and aches.

The only way to avoid this situation from happening is by providing the body with essential nutrients that these inner walls are made of rather than making the condition worse by using ongoing courses of synthetic antibiotics.

Thus, in order to cure it, you must know what causes Colitis. Now that you know, we hope you consider natural treatment for Colitis via Holistic Gastroenterology™, which recognizes that Colitis is a manmade condition that can be completely cured with the proper treatment.


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