The Truth about Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

thermometer-temperature-fever-fluAll inflammatory bowel conditions are manmade and, in fact, not caused by poor diets, germs, stress, or genetics. There is nothing mysterious about these conditions and they are not a result of some auto-immune disease. So how are these conditions manmade? GI issues arise when the mucosal lining of the tract itself is comprised. Antibiotics are a major culprit, and come in various forms. You might ingest it via a prescription, your foods or even your environment, but no matter how it gets into your system, if it breaches the protective lining of mucous in your GI tract, it exposes the fragile issue of the GI to the digestive acids in your intestines. This exposure causes erosion which leads to inflammation over time.

Skin, fat and muscle are the larger building blocks of the GI tissue. When erosion occurs, tiny perforations form and without the proper treatment you end up with conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Colitis, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn’s. These conditions aren’t dissimilar from one another, they are simply given different names based on the amount of damage done to the tissue. The bigger the hole(s), the more severe the symptoms, and the symptoms can include diarrhea, blood and/or mucous in the stool.

None of these conditions will resolve themselves. Remission is impossible given the internal conditions once the mucosal lining is compromised. Even the use of medications such as steroids, which can appear to be resolving the issue, can’t halt the erosive process.

What most doctors don’t know is that this tissue will completely rebuild itself, regardless of how much damage has been done it – it just needs the right conditions in which to rebuild. The use of natural, raw organic materials that the colon is made of can be used to create these healing conditions. Just as you would take calcium to help repair your bones, there are supplements out there that will help repair your GI tract.

Once these ideal conditions are created, the body will heal rapidly and you will have no more need for medication, nutritional supplements, or dietary and lifestyle restrictions.

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