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The Truth About Polyps


They are nothing more than scar tissue.

The bowel is a mucus membrane. So aren’t the sinus- lungs and urinary tract. This means that they all play by the same rules. The membrane part is the tissue wall made up of skin-fat and muscle. The mucus is the lining made of good bacteria. This stuff protects the membrane wall from acids—such as digestive acids and histamines.

Ever heard of sinus polyps. They are the exact same thing as intestinal polyps only 2 feet higher.

When something enters in these membranes—such as food or pollen-dust-it must be “processed” by digestive acids in the stomach or histamines in the sinus. Histamines are the exact same thing as digestive enzymes they just go by a different name. If we don’t have the mucosal lining the acids burn the tissue and the body’s defense is to create extra tissue to protect itself like a callus. A polyp is a callus—that’s all. When you get a callus on your hand does that freak you out?

A polyp will occur wherever the most tissue damage is occurring. It is trying to help you. That’s what Barrett’s Syndrome is. This is when the esophagus is consistently exposed to stomach acids and tries to protect itself. Yes your doctor will tell you that this tissue is pre-cancerous but the % of this happening is very small–just slightly more than any other tissue.

Here is a good analogy. If you take a shovel and dig a hole and you don’t wear gloves you will eventually develop calluses. To do what? To protect the tissue on and beneath the skin. If you don’t have a “glove” in your colon or sinus you develop what? Calluses. A polyp is a glove.  A polyp is your friend. If you did not develop a callus-polyp the digestive acid/histamines would blow a hole right through your colon and sinus.

Let’s say your doctor wants to do surgery to remove the polyp. If they remove the polyp but do not replace the glove-mucosal lining- what is going to happen? The sinus-bowel will just create more polyps.

Don’t freak out about the polyps just say “thanks.”

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