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Probiotics 2.0

There is so much great stuff happening in the probiotics world— between research and product development. So—here is a short version of what could be important to you.
We all know about the common strains of bacteria that we see on the bottles of probiotics that we have in our refrigerators– such as lactbacillus and bifidus etc. Those are yesterday’s probiotics–you need to get hip and I am going to help you do so.

In view of what you will see below perhaps they will develop a “hip” strain of bacteria. But what you should know is that not all of these strains are created equal.There are companies that are now growing these same strains with different-more specialized “information” in them- educated to do different jobs in our body.This is not unnatural-it is similar to breeding -such as in dogs and horses and rabbits.In laboratories– scientists are “introducing” different strains of bacterias to each other— they then go on a date and in several (9?) months all of a sudden we have a very talented baby bacteria. Some of these new strains are more effective for things such as diarrhea-gas-food allergies and even lowering cholesterol.

The Cliff Notes version of how this works is that the highly intelligent bacteria identifies the molecular structure of whatever crosses it’s path- whatever that happens to be– a food-a germ–cancer cells- scar tissue-some kind of genetic issue— it jumps in and rearranges the molecular structure— always for the best.
There is lots & lots to be said about this and will be said on this blog later- so keep checking in now and then-for the next installment-as my “hip” bacterias kick in.This has endless-spectacular application— and in fact is the new— (actually ancient) frontier and was available for all of us intrinsically until we wiped the “hard drive of our physiology clean with— antibiotics and our body forgot how to do this and these bacterias got thrown off the track of their-our evolution. Now— it is back and available for you to take take advantage of and to restart your personal evolution.
Sorry about that— I know -too much information-must be those enthusiastic strains I have been chugging. I will try to contain myself. How may this apply to you? Here is an example. If you have a wheat/gluten allergy/intolerance— what you really have is a lack of the intelligent bacteria in charge of identifying and processing the gluten molecule. That’s right folks– that’s what you have been calling celiac. Your digestive system has been dumbed down by antibiotics.I can hear you now-“it must be hereditary–my mother- my child and me ect ect”— wrong- what you inherited is a society/environment saturated with antibiotics— wiping the intelligence out of your cells so they have forgotten how to do their job.Tell me– does avoiding wheat/dairy-whatever fix anything?

The non-evolved way of dealing with this is to surrender to misinformation and live a life of exclusion. Lack of the bacterial intelligence in the brain cells makes us susceptible to this bs. You should start hanging out with people who have loaded their brains up with anti bull shit software. No one had gluten/lactose intolerance prior to world war 2— when they started handing antibiotics out like candy- wiping out their hard drive.
Here’s another one— does it seem like everyone is getting fat and no matter what they do can’t lose weight? That’s right– there is a bacterial strain for that. Modern science has done nothing but re-discovered ancient science.There is so much here folks— endless application.
Lastly for now-this is another key. The probiotic that you use should mimic the bacterial profile in breast milk. Everything else is something that we made up. Think about this – is there a connection to a child being breast fed and then it’s cells know just what to do to grow and be healthy and not need antibiotics and those that are not nursed and tend to not thrive? Hmmm.

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