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Where Do Probiotics Come From?

sauerkraut-574170_1280You are taking probiotics and you know nothing about them. Here are a few things you need to know.

What are they? pro—means for & biotic means life. They are ‘good’ beneficial strains of bacteria.

What do they do? They control ‘bad’ bacteria. They kill infections—-they are what our immune system is made of.

When we swallow them—Then what? Where do they go? They live in you. Knowing this—if anyone ever asks you where your immune system is—–you can point to every part of your body.

Where do they come from? Some might says from capsules. Some might say from fermented foods such as kefir – sauerkraut-pickles and olives. You can even get probiotics from some wines.

But—-what is the very best source of probiotics? YOUR MOTHER! Breast milk contains many good things that will help baby get off to a great start—proteins-fatty acids-some vitamins and minerals—-but none is more important than those little but very powerful bacterias.

Weren’t breastfed? Well you have several options—-(I don’t think mom would appreciate option # 1) and you should do each of the following everyday—–buy some probiotic capsules or powder at your local health food store—eat some of those fermented foods everyday and indulge in some good quality wine now and then.


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  1. Albert Snow

    Yes & the synthetic antibiotics we take kill off our innate antibioitics (probiotics) & we become dependent upon the synthetic ones.

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