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Are Probiotics Good For You?

muesli-breakfast-food-cornflakes-40725Are probiotics good for you?: Yup—-in fact there is nothing on this planet that is better for you.

What are probiotics?: They are beneficial bacteria that are not only good for you but they are what /who you are—The rest of ‘you’ is just a pile of  inert minerals- fatty & amino acids.

Where can I get some probiotics?: Originally you got them from yo momma but that supply has dried up.

Can I get them at the drug store?: No-No-No-don’t do that—THEY sell DRUGS there—things that kill people-not keep them alive. Go to a HEALTH food store.

What else should I know about probiotics?: They just happen to be what your immune system is made of.

Where do they live?: Mostly in your gastrointestinal tract.

Can probiotics help my IBS or colitis?: Yup-In fact you CANNOT get better w/o them.

How do I take probiotics?: You swallow them.

What’s the bottom line with probiotics?  ‘Pro’ (biotic) means life-that’s what you want. ‘Anti’ (biotic) means death–that’s not what you want. If you swallow death—–then you better swallow some life right after it.

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