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There are Probiotics and then there are——–

Folks—- Please know this— there are probiotics and then there are probiotics.Not all probiotics are created equal -especially the man-made ones.Probiotics are by far the most important substance that you can put into your body. That is why mother nature makes sure they are the very 1st thing that we ingest—- from mothers milk. This is not something that mankind in some laboratory can reproduce. You cannot just slap together a bunch of beneficial bacterial strains-because they look good-which is what most every supplement manufacturer does.Some of these companies are playing bacterial gymnastics.It just doesn’t make sense— although it does make LOT’S of money– because most everyone is taking probiotics these days.Don’t worry-these crazy combos will not hurt you–it is just that they will not help you. Please- Do NOT buy your probiotics at Walmart or CVS or your hairdresser or from the back of someones trunk of their car.I mean everyone is getting into the act. I have to laugh that now -after many years of trying to drive us naturopathic doctors out of business that your local doctor is now getting into the act.All of a sudden every MD is a Holistic Doctor-overnight. What the hell is that all about? Imagine— on one hand prescribing antibiotics and the next visit-when you complain about your stomach hurting-you are nauseous-projectile vomiting (how ya like that one?) or you have explosive diarrhea- he tries to sell you some probiotics. Is that a “Hypocritic” Oath they take? Sorry- I just couldn’t resist taking a shot at the phonies who pull that greedy b/s.
So anyways– what probiotic should you take?The best choice by far is to take one that in modeled on the exact profile of the strains in human breast milk. This way you are not relying on some guy trying to piece together what HE thinks is better. In fact there are probiotics on the market that ARE MADE FROM HUMAN BREAST MILK-not just similar to.YOU CANNOT DO BETTER THAN THIS! Do your homework– track down human commensal bacteria— that’s the real deal.Or another alternative is to track down a lactating woman and see if you can cut a deal with her. Don’t laugh-it is done everyday.
Lastly– for now– 2 other probiotic rules—- always take colostrum with probiotics -again-maybe if you catch her early-like in the 1st 6 hours- she will give you a deal-2 for the price of one. NEVER -EVER BUY THE B/S THAT PROBIOTICS DO NOT NEED TO BE REFRIGERATED.You will only hear that from someone who a. does not know what they are talking about b.they are trying to SELL you some b/s. You NEVER see me trying to sell you any brand name of any supplement-I just give you the basics and let you track the stuff down.
*Last 2 comments about this non refrigeration thing— 1. What they really mean is that their probiotics “break down” slower (maybe) than the others. If something won’t break down-spoil-then it must be dead and a dead probiotic is just powder and that is what most of you have been taking and explains why to are still sick.2.What they do is pack “extra” amounts in the bottle-beyond what it says on the label— so hopefully by the time you get it -it still has some in it.But—the clock is still ticking— these tricky guys.
Lastly– to help you people who are stressed out about taking your probiotics on the road with you—- or worry about when they are shipped to you. Probiotics are not so perishable that they will die when not refrigerated for a few days–as long as they are not exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Just pop them in the refrig when you arrive to your destination. You can also tell a company who is really on the ball- they ship the probiotic with dry ice paks—- just in case—and so that you don’t freak out.
Just thought you might want to know.

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