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The Right Way to Cure Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

roadInflammatory bowel conditions were discovered in the 50s and ever since medical practitioners and the big pharmaceutical companies are struggling to find the reason behind these conditions. While some choose to blame poor diets and germs, others choose to blame stress levels and even genetics for that matter. However, there is no effective conventional medical treatment. At best, the medical treatments are only meant to offer a temporary. However, how do people trust these treatments if their doctors are not able to state the cause of these conditions in the first place? This is the reason why IBD still remains to be one of the most confusing and complex diseases. So the question being ‘Is there an effective treatment for inflammatory bowel conditions?’ Well, the answer is ‘Yes’ and to be more precise, the answer is Holistic Gastroenterology. Read further to know what is it and how it helps in curing severe bowel conditions.

Before we talk about Holistic GastroenterologyTM, it is apt to know the cause of inflammatory bowel conditions and understand how it all begins. The real reason behind inflammation and pain in the colon is synthetic antibiotics. These are very commonly present in the medicines we take and the toothpaste we use. They are also present in the food and water we consume. On exposure to these synthetic antibiotics, the good bacteria that protect the mucosal lining of the intestinal wall are killed, paving way to a compromised mucosal lining. Pores are formed eventually due to the now exposure of digestive acids. Once these acids come in contact with the delicate walls as they breach through the pores, the sensitive tissues on the wall are damaged and if this is left without proper treatment, apart from inflammation and pain, severe symptoms like presence of blood and mucus in the stool start to appear. Thus, the real reason behind inflammatory bowel conditions are synthetic antibiotics. Treating IBD again with medicines filled with these antibiotics is like rubbing salt over the wound and watch silently while the pain worsens.

Holistic GastroenterologyTM on the other hand, does exactly what is needed keeping the cure simple and straight. Since these tissues are damaged, they need nutrients to grow again and require a bacterial growth that can strengthen the mucosal lining. This type of treatment involves providing the body specialized nutritional supplements that contain the very nutrient that the bowel walls are made of thus repairing the damage done and also restoring the beneficial bacterial growth to avoid this from happening again providing a permanent cure.

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