What is col-itis?

  This is pretty simple—–itis = irritation-pain-inflammation. Ulcerative Colitis just means that the colon has an ulcer which results when the itis is either ignored or does not receive proper treatment. IC-Interstitial Cystitis is exactly the same condition but occurs in the bladder and as with colitis can be very painful. Sinusitis – bronchitis – arthritis are all … Read more

Probiotics for IBS: Proven Tips for Effective Treatment with Probiotics

You may have heard that you should be taking probiotics for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). What are they anyhow? Probiotics are live beneficial microorganisms like bacteria or yeast that are available in supplements and foods. Amazingly enough our digestive system is home to more than 500 species of bacteria all of which help keep our … Read more

FAQ’s : Things You Should Know About IBS

I have been a holistic gastroenterologist for over 3 decades. Basically I am in the business of preventing people from having bowel surgery. These are some of the more common questions that my clients ask. Q: Is IBS an Auto-Immune Disease? A: No. In fact it is not a disease at all. The immune system … Read more

Holistic Gastroenterology

Have IBS-colitis or crohn’s? Did you know that you have a choice—I bet you didn’t. There is conventional gastroenterology and then there is holistic gastroenterology. This is what each has to offer. You decide what makes sense to you. Conventional gastroenterology—which is who you are working with now- colonoscopies-steroidal & immune system suppressing drugs and … Read more

Don’t Blame What You Eat for Your IBS!

  Food has nothing to do with IBS. You can’t eat your way into or out of any inflammatory bowel condition. It is simple — you cannot get any inflammatory bowel condition from eating any food. You also cannot cure your IBS by what you eat or don’t eat. Many people believe that junk food can … Read more