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The Real Diet for Inflammatory Bowel Conditions


The #1 thing that you need to know is that you cannot eat your way into or out of any inflammatory bowel condition. It’s not about food. You could eat the worst possible diet and it would not give you IBS. The same can be said about eating only organic food —

Diet for Colitis?

Remember folks-you can’t eat your way into or out of colitis or any inflammatory bowel condition. But while you are stumbling around looking for an answer be nice to your colon. Eat a low fiber diet and it will be nice to you.

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Diet for Colitis


A question I get from most every client of mine is ‘what do I eat?’ I understand the confusion as people naturally assume that there must be a different diet for each different inflammatory bowel condition. The reason for this confusion is that we have all been given the wrong information. We have been told that these are all separate and distinctly different conditions which are diseases and therefore must require different treatments.