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Food Has Nothing To Do With Causing Or Curing Your Inflammatory Bowel Condition


You can’t eat your way into or out of any IBD. Eating lots of junk food doesn’t cause it and eating organic food can’t fix it. We need to stop playing the blame game. We need to stop manipulating food. In the treatment of your inflammatory bowel condition you need to pay little attention to food.

IBD – What not to do.


In your search for natural treatments and cures for your particular inflammatory bowl condition there is a ‘what not to do list.

1. Do not take digestive enzymes if you have an inflammatory bowel condition. You have the condition in the 1st place because your own digestive enzymes are eating away at the walls of your intestinal tract.

An example of when any IBD is treated properly.


This poor guy came to me with a pretty nasty case of ulcerative colitis that was moving towards crohns “disease.” At 8 years old he had suffered from this at such a critical time of his life. As you can see from the Pre Appt Form–the doctor’s solution is to take 3 medications and at that he still had symptoms.

4 Frequently Asked Questions about IBD

These are some of the questions my clients ask me about inflammatory bowel conditions.

Q. Do NSAIDS cause IBS?

A. Not directly. While they are acidic and they can upset the stomach they do not cause any of the inflammatory bowel conditions. They can only aggravate a pre-existing problem that was present from a prior use of antibiotics.

IBD Check List:Good Sign/Bad Sign


FYI- If you have Inflammatory Bowel Disease (which is not a disease) you need to know these things.

*It is a good sign if you have diarrhea: This is associated with IBS. That is your body talking to you giving you a head’s up that something is wrong.

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