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The Truth About What IBS IS


Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a man-made condition. It is not a syndrome or disease.

IBS is not genetic.

IBS is caused by the ingestion of anti-biotics in any of it’s various forms be it prescription-topical or in household cleaners-toothpaste-mouthwash or our food and water supply. Our environment is saturated with them.


There is a lot of unnecessary confusion surrounding IBS. There need not be. Once it has been sorted out it becomes clear that it is simpler than you thought and that there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel.

What Irritable Bowel Syndrome is and is not.

  • IBS is an inflammatory bowel condition that effects the colon.

IBS & Dogs & Cats & Giraffes & Lions & Tigers & Bears & Humans Oh My!

What a weird title for a blog post. Go ahead and read it—you’ll get the point

Do our best friends—our pets-dogs-cats-parkeets-salamanders-rabbits and hamsters get IBS? Yup-anyone who has a gastrointestinal tract is susceptible to having irritable bowel syndrome.  Huh? How can that be? Do you mean that they get autoimmune system disease too?

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