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People with IBS-C actually have two conditions. They suffer from both constipation and diarrhea. Well-not at the same time. They swing back and forth often in the same day.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Constipation is quite common. The most common is the version featuring diarrhea. The bowel’s response to inflammation is to draw a lot of water into the colon to dilute the stomach acid and to push everything out to try to limit the damage to the tissue.

IBS-Colitis And Crohn’s – Is There A Difference?

No there isn’t. They are all the same manmade inflammatory bowel condition. The only difference is the degree of damage to the tissue. It is just like 1st-2nd-3rd degree burns.

Essentially they are all different versions of IBS. They key word with this condition is ‘irritable.’ It all starts with irritation and the longer one goes without the proper care the more it turns into various stages of inflammation.

IBS with Diarrhea and Constipation

There are some of you with IBS that have both diarrhea and constipation which can be kind of puzzling as the most typical IBS symptom is acute/urgent diarrhea. We call people with both- swingers. They swing back and forth between the two and often in the same day. IBS is a manmade inflammatory bowel disease(actually not a disease or a syndrome at all!) and constipation is a genetic issue -not an IBD.

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