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Hail Hail Antibiotics- The Double Edged Sword

I have harped many times on this blog about the evils of antibiotics. Now it is time to give praise where praise is due. Hail Hail the life saver—Hail Hail Antibiotics.

Hail Hail Mother Nature —-for giving us penicillin!

Hail Hail Louis Pasteur for discovering it!

Hail Hail my grandmother who in our house taught us to fight over the gray -green moldy looking stuff on the bread!

Antibiotics are a good thing.

This post is the continuation of a conversation I have just had with a client.

Antibiotics are a good thing to take—–under the right circumstances. If you are dealing with symptoms of Candida- SIBO-Parasites and any other infectious gastro-intesinal issues popular today – you are “infested” with who knows what. It is a mess.