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Crohn’s Disease Basics


Let’s clear up some misconceptions to reduce some of the unnecessary panic and get on the right path.

1. Crohn’s is 100% curable with the proper use of natural medicine.
2. Crohn’s is just a more severe case of ulcerative colitis which is just a more severe case of colitis which is just a more severe case of IBS.

Crohn’s Disease


I want to emphasize that Crohn’s is not a disease and neither are any of the other supposed inflammatory bowel diseases. They are manmade conditions. We have done this to ourselves. The supposition is that these are auto-immune diseases where the immune system for some unknown reason attacks our GI tract.

Crohn’s "Disease"

Crohn’s Disease is not a disease at all. It is mysteriously purported to be either genetic or some kind of autoimmune disease. If you want to get really confused and to recognize that modern medicine has no idea what this condition is or how to fix it- google it or check it out on wikipedia- total chaos.

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