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Your Bowel Is Your Boss

Who rules? I’ll tell you who rules. Your butt does.

How about when you want to go to a movie and catch a bite—–but are too afraid of having urgent diarrhea or embarrassing gas on that 1st date?

How about when you can’t wear that new outfit you bought on sale because every time you eat you become 9 months pregnant?

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Summary: Ulcerated Colitis / Multiple bowel movements per day – Diarrhea
Mucus / Blood / Pus / Pain. Has come & gone in the past.

The Truth About Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

How many times in your life you realised that the doctors do not have all the answers? How much time shall pass until you get the responsability for your own health into your own hands?

One of the basic tenets of holistic gastro-enterology is that all inflammatory bowel conditions are manmade. They are not caused by poor diets –

FAQ’s : Things You Should Know About IBS

I have been a holistic gastroenterologist for over 3 decades. Basically I am in the business of preventing people from having bowel surgery.

These are some of the more common questions that my clients ask.

Q: Is IBS an Auto-Immune Disease?

A: No. In fact it is not a disease at all.

How to tell if you have a serious bowel problem

For the purposes of this post I will also include upper GI problems.

How do you know you have a gastrointestinal problem that needs to get your attention and brought to the attention of your doctor?

The # 1 factor to determine this is if any of the following symptoms becomes chronic.

All You Need To Know


This is all you need to know to understand Inflammatory Bowel Conditions.

1. All IBD’s are the same.

2. They are the same condition with different degrees of tissue damage.

3. They are not diseases or syndromes.

New Years Resolution: How About Finally Getting Your Butt Straightened Out.

How long has this been going on? Are you going to keep doing this indefinitely? Do you have a good quality of life? Are you in denial? Isn’t this stressful? Are you exhausted by this? Is it more than a little scary? Feel trapped?

Gulping down Imodium-Miralax-Kaopectate-Tums-Nexium—–is this normal? The last time I checked they were not in the food pyramid.

Don’t Wait To Fix Your Bowel Problem

All inflammatory bowel conditions are degenerative. This means that they will inevitably over time get worse. They never get better- just go away on their own. Remission is a myth. This includes while being on meds such as prednisone that will mask the symptoms. This will dangerously lull you to sleep. While you are getting a temporary break from the diarrhea or blood and mucus in your stool-behind the scenes that damage to your colon continues.

Fight for your Bowel Rights!

It is your right to establish the conditions of a perfectly functioning bowel. You need to create a new normal. Go back to your roots. Don’t settle for less! This is what our forefathers fought so hard for! Stand up for your bowel rights! There should be a constitutional amendment-freedom of bowel expression! Bowel Emancipation for all!

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