Colitis Cures?

  I was asked this yesterday.  ‘Are there any good colitis cures?’ My answer was ‘yes there is one – it’s a natural one and it’s the same as the one for IBS and crohn’s.’ Any other inflammatory bowel condition cure is bogus. Why is this so? It’s because these are all the same condition with … Read more

A Story of an Ulcerative Colitis Healing—So far-So Good

[:en]   From: XXXXXXXXXX <> To: Dr.Albert Snow <> Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2017 4:49 PM Subject: Re: Progress Update Hi Dr. Snow! My name is XXXX XXXXXXXX and I had a consultation with you over the phone in July of 2016. I have (had) Crohn’s Disease and you put me on your protocol. I also had horrible joint … Read more