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Amy G.

My son, age 8, was diagnosed with Crohn’s about 6 weeks ago. I had been researching natural cures and came across a stool transplant as an effective treatment for IBD. This procedure replaces your bacterial flora with healthy flora from a donor. This told me that there was a correlation between IBD and the bacteria in your gastro tract. I asked his medical doctor to perform the transplant and he said he would only do it for a c-diff infection, not Crohn’s. That was a blessing in disguise for us because it forced me to find a Naturopath who was knowledgeable in replenishing the bacteria needed to cure IBDs. I found Dr. Snow’s website shortly thereafter and was thrilled when everything I read on his website mirrored exactly the same conclusions I had come to!! I read his blog backward and forward and was amazed to find out just exactly how simple it is to cure Crohn’s. We got started on the supplements right away and 5 weeks later, my son is doing great. He has regained his appetite, is back to his normal weight, and is running around and playing like a normal child again. It is hard to believe that he was such a sick child just last month. I know we still have some work to do, as he is still passing small blood clots, but I definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Snow for so many things… for putting his protocols out there for free so we could get started without having to wait for a consultation, for his very informative blog where I have learned at light-speed about IBDs and general health, and his research on natural cures for so many conditions. He truly has a gift for healing.*

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