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Toni P. – Cambridge, Ma.

Dr.Snow,In 1987 I was diagnosed with IBS. I was suffering with terrible diarrhea and extreme urgency. I was not able to go shopping or out to dinner for fear that I would have an accident. This was compounded with terrible bloating and gas, as well as sometimes seeing blood in my stool. I was petrified as my Aunt had died of colon cancer.When my Doctors told me that I had IBS I was confused. Despite performing an Endoscopy, Colonoscopy and bloodwork they were unable to give me any answers as to how I got it, what was actually wrong and what to expect in the future. They just gave me antibiotics which made it worse. I was on Asacol for a year which helped a little.I was told about you by someone at my church. During our 1st appointment I was surprised at your confidence. You spent a lot of time with me and explained the problem by drawing pictures of the colon.I did what you suggested and the bloating and the gas disappeared right away. By the 2nd visit the urgency and diarrhea were almost gone and my stools were firmer but not formed enough. By the 3rd visit I was back to normal. 28 months later it is like I never had IBS.I am glad that I did not stick with my gastroenterologist. I will be telling all of my friends as most of them have some type of stomach/bowel problem.Thank you Dr.Snow, you answered my prayers.*

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