Hear It From The Cured

“When I found Dr Snow, I was the most skeptical person. I didn’t care about the money and would pay any amount to be healed. I have tried many things in the past and nothing worked. I was desperate to get my normal life back and finally be out of this flare once and for all. I have been on the protocol for 2 ½ months and my life has changed. I can’t even express in words how much it means to not be in pain for the first time in years.”

-Kris Bozio, Boston Ma

“I was so desperate and I wanted my normal life back. It was amazing to me how fast Dr. Snow identified the problems after I had answered several questions. He gave me a regiment of supplements. After taking the supplements for about 4 weeks, the improvement of my systems was simply fantastic. I’m almost back to my normal self.”

-Christiane Pulham, London England

“I can honestly say that my son is almost pain free. He has not had a flare-up in five weeks, his weight has been stabilized and is beginning to be himself. Dr. Snow has been a blessing. His inflammation is below normal and the kid is able to eat everything with no ill effects. I could not ask for more.”

-Aisha Washburn, District of Columbia

“Dr. Snow started me on a regimen of supplements and within just a few days I noticed a difference. Things only continue to improve and it’s now been over 2 months. I’ve not had another episode of urgent, painful, bloody stools. I’m thrilled with my results and feel this is the real deal. You don’t have to suffer or be embarrassed, you can get help.”

Joanne Renaud, Southbridge Ma

“Dr. Snow’s protocol healed my son’s Crohn’s Disease. He was there for him every step of the way, with no additional charges. The supplements he prescribed were easily obtainable from many online suppliers. Dr. Snow is very knowledgeable and is generous with his knowledge. He offers hope where none exists in the regular GI office. He doesn’t help you merely live with an illness – he cures you of it.”

Collette A Cardiff, Wales

“When I pay for a visit to my GP or Specialist, it’s a one time thing. You see them, they speak about hardly anything that you don’t know already and they hurry you out of their office. If you later wish to clarify something, suddenly they are not as available as when you first made an appointment with them! Dr. Snow is like having a Private Specialist Doctor at my beck and call! I have spent so much on specialists and tests. Dr. Snow’s fees are peanuts compared to what I have already spent. Dr. Snow is so responsible and interested in my healing that I still find it hard to believe.”

Veronica Lee, Brisbaine Australia

“Dr. Snow has helped tremendously with my IBS – C. It is so nice not to have your bowels dictate your activities for the day. Now we are off on a new adventure of getting my cholesterol down a little bit. He is always there to help me. Thank you very much, Dr. Snow.”

Kay Wickforth, Cape Town South Africa

“Make the appointment with Dr. Snow. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. I was diagnosed with Crohn’s 13 years ago. Long story short, I was on a strict diet for the past 3 years, before finding Dr. Snow. Now, I’m on my way to being cured. I have no issues as of now, and I’m on his protocol. He’s always there when I need to email or talk.”

Julia Rosen, Sarasota Fl

“Dr. Snow knows his stuff! My allergies are 80% better! Also my thyroid! It all begins in the gut!”

Karen Agostinelli, Framingham Ma

“Great help after a long, extreme 4 months on antibiotics for chronic Lyme disease. It is all related with the gut. The connection between gut and the brain is obvious for me now. Dr. Snow is right in what he is doing and advising.”

Cameilia Bergman, Frankfort Germany

“My daughter is doing amazing with the proper diet and supplements that Dr. Snow advised. Hope this helps people wondering if the money is worth it.  Get out of the pain and start living a better life.”

Robin C Marshfield, Massachusetts

“Awesome, caring, and incredibly smart. If you have any kind of IBS, you must see Dr. Snow.”


“I want to declare VICTORY! 6 months after starting Dr. Snow’s protocol and diet restrictions my Crohn’s “disease” is healed! The surgeon and GI told me that my intestines and ileum look “completely normal”. They said looking at the results they would never know I had Crohn’s. It seems impossible to thank you for your knowledge, patience and compassion during this time, but I will try. Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving my life, (which had been held hostage by this illness) back to me, you are awesome!”

Augustin Wilson, Missouri

“I have been suffering from Diverticulits and Diverticulosis since 2009. My condition worsened and in the August of 2016 I was advised by two separate GI physicians to have a permanent colostomy. I am a Lupus patient and I refused to accept it. My friend, whom had followed Dr. Snow, recommended me to consult with him. In July, I was in so much pain that I was bed ridden. I contacted Dr. Snow and began with a liquid diet and series of holistic supplements. I just had a colonoscopy after 4 months and my GI Dr. Said that most of the damage to the large intestine has been repaired and I don’t need any surgery! Dr. Snow is still helping me to restore my gut and my intestines to totally healthy and I can’t appreciate his promptness, kindness and his expertise.”

Shahla Sedaghat, Naples Florida