The Human Bio-Computer Manifesto 4.0

If you get this then you can figure out anything to do with your body.
You are a Human Bio-Computer. This is especially applicable to gastrointestinal problems but applies equally to every body part.
There is no better model than this one to explain how your body works. 

You either have a hardware or software problem. There is nothing else. 

Draw a circle—-that is your stomach. The line is your stomach wall—-the hardware.

Draw a squiggly line like vasoline or jelly clinging to the inner rim of the circle. That is the software.

If there is damage to the hardware—the stomach wall, then you have IBS or colitis -crohn’s

If you have damage to the software—you will have things like acid reflux or acid stomach or bloating-food sensitivities—gluten -dairy etc

The software is your mucosal lining is made of specific bacterial strains & things like colostrum. It should be installed at the factory–at birth. If you were not nursed you did not have the software installed. It acts like a firewall blocking acid from burning the stomach. It also acts like computer software.

When we take in data—-food- germs -fluids, it identifies it’s unique code–dairy vs wheat. It then instructs the hardware how to process it—digestion -immunity.

If a super virus (synthetic antibiotics) enters one of the portals (orifices) it will wipe out the software & you lose the digestion & immunity data. You also lose the firewall & the digestive acids will eat a hole right through the stomach-esophagus wall. If you don’t replace the software & repair the hardware you have zero chance of healing.

This exact model applies to your esophagus- stomach & intestines.


Now take your pencil & draw 2 circles on top of the original circle & one circle on top of those 2. Then go to the bottom of the original circle & draw one more circle just below it. The 2 circles above the 1st one are your lungs. The one on top is your sinus. The one at the very bottom is your bladder / urinary tract.

Everything I told you about the 1st circle is 100% identical for these circles.

You take something from the outside environment—data — air -water -food – germs & it has to be processed. We release histamines (another word for digestive acids) to process them them. If we don’t have the software in place–say in the sinus, we can’t process the pollen and the release of histamines will inflame the sinus wall. That is called allergies. Lungs—same thing—that is called asthma. Bladder= UTI’s -prostatitis-cystitis -vaginal yeast infections


Now—go back to our original circle. Take that model & multiply that by 3.2 trillion. That represents every cell in your body.

Take what I have told you above and apply it exactly to every cell. Every cell is a stomach. It gets fed by the blood stream nutrients and germs. It releases histamines to process this data.

If you do not have the software in the cells you will not get the benefit of the data & not neutralize mini ‘viruses’-germs

Examples of this are:

  • Pain—arthritis – fibromyalgia
  • Body fat—not processing calories
  • Fatigue-not accessing the energy in the calories
  • Skin—-wrinkles -eczema – psoriasis – acne
  • Name anything else that goes wrong with Human Bio Computers
  • BTW-your pets (& mother in laws) are Mammalian Bio Computers & all laws apply


What you need to do is:

  • Re-install the software–an upgrade. As the food is modified and new ‘viruses’ -synthetic antibiotics & chemical preservatives are invented we need to upgrade
  • Fix the holes in the hardware