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The Truth About Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Leaves-in-the-pond-free-license-CC0Everything you have been told about IBD is wrong.

There is not a single medical study or paper published anywhere that claims to know the cause or cure of any IBD.

The supposed Inflammatory Bowel Diseases are: IBS = Inflammatory Bowel SyndromeColitis, UC = Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. The medical professionals do not have any idea where they come from or how to treat them.

There is no medical professional anywhere who will tell you that they have cured any inflammatory bowel condition. There is no medical professional anywhere who will tell you they believe there is a cure.

This is because they are working with a wrong and outdated paradigm. The world is not flat.

Believe it or not there are many people who have been cured of all of the IBD’s.

If you have not met these people it does not mean they don’t exist!


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  1. Vito S Warwick RI

    I wish I had found you before they removed my colon. I told my brother in law Joe about you. He made an appt & spoke with you. He is now doing very good–he said to thank you.

  2. Albert Snow

    Unfortunately they are still taught the same wrong information that was taught 50 yrs ago. Yes—I wish I could have helped you. All inflammatory bowel conditions can be healed if you don’t wait too long.

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